Rhodiola Rosea Extract

What is Rhodiola Rosea?

  • – Rhodiola rosea has a long history use as an anti-fatigue agent and adaptogen compound. It appears to be able to greatly reduce the fatigue resulted by prolonged and minor physical exhaustion. Despite that Rhodiola rosea appears to be more efficient in reducing fatigue for untrained people instead of athletes, it is still found to be highly efficient in lessoning fatigue symptoms and improving stress symptoms (and secondary to that, well-being) in persons fatigued form non-exercise related stressors. The main active ingredients of Rhodiola rosea found to be Tyrosol and Salidroside.[1]

Function? – Mental Health

  • – Effective in reducing fatigue and subsequent impairment to cognition caused by stress or a high workload resulted fatigue in healthy persons with either acutely or with daily Rhodiola rosea supplementation.[1]
  • – Effective in reducing chronic fatigue.[1]
  • – Effecitive in reducing depressive symptoms.[1]



Additional information


– English Name: Rhodiola Rosea Extract
– Latin Name: Rhodiola Rosea L.
– Active Ingredient: 1-10% Salidroside, 1-5% Rosavin
– Appearance: Brown Powder
– Odor: Characteristic
– Solubility: Partly soluble in ehanol
– Sieve Analysis: 100 mesh
– Loss on Drying: ≤ 5%
– Total Plate Count: <1000cfu/g
– Salmonella : Negative
– E. Coli: Negative
– Storage: Store in cool and dry place; Away from strong sunlight, heat and moisture.
– Package: 25kg/drum, 2.5kg/bag, vacuum packing inside